Thursday, July 12, 2007


Below are some samples of what a common workday here at KTGY looks like for me.

all images copyright KTGY and their respective Clients


Image boards, presentation boards, and Brochures-

Photo touchups:


Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

These are really cool, man. Lots of impressive work!

james ramos said...


LauraBraga said...

Hi James.
First time i visit your blog.
Wow, you have very inspirational stuff here. I love your work.
I'll return to see new work for sure.

Laura :)

Tal Moscovici said...

Oh my God, you draw?!? Dude, this stuff looks awesome!! It's good to finally know what you doin' these days. Thanks for your comment, man...If there were more people like you in the world, uhh, well, there'd be a lot less people like me. Keep it up!