Monday, January 14, 2008

Turtle Sketch Colored

I recently joined Deviant Art and started posting. I noticed that my leo drawing was getting the most attention. I figured it was getting so much attention from others that it deserved more from me. So with that said I got to it and started fully rendering that bad boy.

Heres the finished version, hope you dig it.

One last thing, This ones for the biggest Turtles fanatic I've ever met... this ones for you TOON!

James Ramos


frak said...

Leo is Blue not Red. :)

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Oh Frak, you're such a sweet kid. All 4 turtles are acutally red in the comics. James knows what's up. Thanks for the piece, Flam-o, I dig it!

james ramos said...

Hey thanks you guys.
Im really glad you guys like it. Especially you toon, since youre the biggest turtle geek I know.
I also knew you'd set the record straight concerning me keeping it classic.
I added my own style to it but there are certain classic elements to it I just couldn't get away from. Like his belt and color.
This piece made me really excited to get more out so I can hit the con with some sweet surprises.

james ramos said...

I think most people are probably not as big fans as me and toon so I posted my alternate/Regular Version. Just so there is no confusion.