Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Me and Toon! were debating who the coolest Xmen is.
This guy may not be the coolest, but he's definitely pretty tuff!



Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Yeah, Colossus is dope. Very dope. But I gotta love Gambit because he's the epitome of 1990's Image-style comic books. Nostalgia, baby!

Also, fix this "post message" button so people can comment ;) And next up, let's see a Nightcrawler, cuz he's simply badass.

james ramos said...

oh... and thanks!

Mike Terry said...

Coolness! Love the line work man. It's a hard choice for me. I have so many favorites among x-men.

james ramos said...

Hey Mike thanks for coming to my blog and for your compliment. Im glad you like it. I don't get much comments so yours is well appreciated. I dig your work too, I checked out your blog after receiving your comment.
Thanks again,