Friday, April 1, 2011

Ghost Whisperer Release News

The first case of our Ghost Whisperer game will be hitting the Walmart shelves in about two weeks along side some other bonus games as a Seek & Find Adventures 2 value-pack title.
Not only did I work on Ghost Whisperer (Creating Characters, designing UI, as well as art directing) but I also have been cranking out the game box covers. I really like the Seek & Find Adventures logo and so far the first in our series has been a hit, and we're hoping for an even greater success with this second release with the beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover with her big name show title.

Legacy Interactive Ghost Whisperer Release News


Alex Deligiannis said...

If only we had time to play games!

Demonhand said...

Sweet James!

I'm saddened that you'll have to re-design shutter-shades gremlin, but I'm glad they're keeping you in charge of it.